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Hunger doesn’t take the weekends off, so neither do we. Please join our battle against children’s hunger by supporting Isthmus today.

About Isthmus

Isthmus is a Canadian charity that provides food for kids from low-income families who may otherwise go hungry on the weekends.

Cory Joseph partnered with Isthmus to make sure no Canadian student has to come to school on Monday morning with an empty stomach. While many students are supported by school lunch programs, Isthmus is the only national charity in the country to provide students with enough nutritious food to stay healthy between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

Together, we can put a stop to childhood hunger. Learn how a donation of $120 can help feed a child for an entire school year.

How it Works

Teachers are aware of students going hungry in their classroom. At the beginning of the school year, students are discretely recommended for the program by their teachers.

Bags of nourishing food are packed and distributed to students by volunteers on Friday afternoons. On Monday mornings, the students arrive nourished and ready to learn. The program is discreet, non-judgemental, and easily administered.

A donation of $120 will feed a child in the program for an entire school year.

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The impact

It is difficult to learn when you’re hungry; Isthmus ensures students are fed and ready to learn on Monday morning.

This program has been shown to have a positive influence on student's behaviour. Having nutritious food over the weekend improves children’s test scores, reading skills, attendance, and health.

Why it Matters

"When I discovered that 48% of students attending schools in my own community of Toronto are still coming to school hungry, I realized that something must be done".

Cory Joseph wants to make sure Canadian students have nutritious meals over the weekend and can come to school Monday morning ready to learn. He teamed up with Isthmus, a program that helps eradicate childhood hunger in our own backyards.

This program feeds over 450,000 meals to kids across Canada every year, but there are still more that go hungry. We need your help.

Together, we can put a stop to childhood hunger.

How to help


    Learn more about the program.
  2. Feed A Child

    Make a donation to feed a child.
  1. Adopt A School

    Support your local school.
  2. Volunteer

    Help out in your community.